About me

I am…. A digital native. A young professional seeking to find new opportunities. An explorer; I’m extremely curious and I love learning new things. A traveler. A leader though also a team player.

I believe I’ve learned a lot throughout the years and that I’m prepared for bigger challenges. I’ve studied my Bachelors degree of Advertising and Public Relations at Universitat Ramon Llull (Blanquerna) and my Master of Arts of Advertising and Design at the University of Leeds. And I’ve also traveled around the world to learn about other cultures.

I’m currently working in eDreams ODIGEO and I’ve worked at LEWIS PR Barcelona and London, ASM, Never Alone/Happy Startups Factory (a startup company that unfortunately ended up closing), oDesk and websites like Sleeping in airports (Twitter and Instagram), Marisdeluxe (SMM and SEO) and Ladymaternity (SEO, SMM and content-creation). I’ve specialized in social media, working with design, strategy and community management. I also have experience with account management with clients like Logitech, Renfe and Avanade.

I also have a digital magazine Silence where I write every week since 2013 and work on its SEO and social networks. I’ve also been working for a non-profit organization called Publicitarios Implicados since 2009 that specializes in preparing and developing communication plans and campaigns for small NGO’s.

Curriculum Vitae:

You can view my Resumé below and if you click on it, you can download the PDF:

Carla Chicharro Resumé CV


Fun facts about me:

– I grew up in Manila, Philippines and got my first computer when I was 8

– Created my first “website” in Geocities at 10

– Started doing gymnastics, rock climbing and swimming

– Created my first blog in greatestjournal.com at 12, from then on I’ve had several blogs in Livejournal, Xanga, Blogger, Fotolog and WordPress

Moved to Barcelona in 2004

– Got my first job at 18 (sold electronic devices)

– Joined Publicitarios Implicados, a non-profit association that creates communication strategies, advertising concepts and produces anything necessary to give a voice to those micro-NGO’s and/or associations that need one

– Worked at a school as an instructor for extracurricular activities (theatre and soccer) and discovered I enjoy working with kids

– Participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge in 2012 and discovered my love for online marketing

Finished my Bachelors degree in 2012 and my final project consisted in creating a company called Galacti-K, a themed restaurant + kiddy park + comic book store). Created the brand, business plan and a complete advertising and PR campaign for its launch

– Discovered my passion for social media and graphic design thanks to my job at LEWIS PR

– Created Silence, a cultural online magazine, with Quim Almansa in 2013

– My online magazine, Silence was given the tv shows section at a radio program called La Tarda (broadcasted in 5 provinces of Catalonia). Silence was also given the cinema section at La Tarda

– Moved to Leeds to study a Master of arts of advertising and design in the University of Leeds

– Presented my thesis that consisted in creating a global campaign for an app called AppsZoom and finished my masters degree

– Started working in eDreams ODIGEO on November 2014

– I love making paper toys

– I have 4 lomo cameras, a smena 8 (russian camera I bought in Saint Petersburg), a Canon DSLR, a Panasonic Lumix digital camera and a GoPro Hero 3+

– I love watching TV shows, more than movies (most of the time)

– I LOVE to travel. I’ve been to all the main provinces of the Philippines, around Spain (Granada, Madrid, Tenerife, Alicante, Murcia, Bilbao, San Sebastian), Puerto Rico (San Juan and Vieques), USA (San Francisco and New York), Belgium (Brussels, Bruges), Germany (Berlin and Dusseldorf), England (London, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester), Ireland (Dublin), France (Paris, Rouen), Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples, Capri, Cinque Terre and the Amalfitana coast) and Thailand (Bangkok, Ko tao, Ko Phangan, Khao Sok, Railay and Krabi). I try to fly at least once a year and I’m always up for a road trip.