Last 2012, I was working in LEWIS PR’s Barcelona office and we thought that it would be a good idea to define different social networks/apps with quotes. So after looking up different quotes and deciding which social networks to focus on, I designed a Christmas infographic to include all of the information.

Here are the translations of the quotes (some can’t be literally translated so sorry if they sound weird!):

  • Facebook: “Quien tiene un amigo, tiene un tesoro” – To have a friend is to have a treasure.
  • Whatsapp: “Hablando, se entiende la gente” – By talking people understand each other.
  • Pinterest: “Una colección de bellas máximas es un tesoro de más apreciable que las riquezas” – A collection of beautiful maxims is a treasure more valuable than riches.
  • Bananity: “Para gustos, colores” – This idiom basically means that everyone has their own tastes/thinks different and in something so subjective you can’t say what’s better.
  • Youtube: “Las ideas vienen después, cuando la imagen está terminada” – Ideas come later, when the image is finished
  • Twitter: “Quien la sigue, la consigue” – He who perseveres, succeeds.
  • Instagram: “Una imagen vende más que mil palabras” – An imagen is worth a thousand words.

P.D. In Spain, most people give gifts on three kings day. Nowadays, lots of people split the gifts and do it on Christmas day and Three Kings day but there are still a lot of people that only celebrate the Three kings!

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