Writers block is a real thing and it can happen to Bloggers as well. So what do you do when that happens and you have clients who are expecting you to write several blog posts for them? Or those fans on your blog who are eager to read something new? Well… the secret ingredient to that is to use content discovery tools that will help you come up with new ideas that are currently trending and popular.

Alltop –This site is like a “table of contents” of the best blogs around the web divided in diferent niches.

Google Trends – In order to know whether the topic you want to blog about is popular, you can use Google Trends to show you the search for different keywords and phrases.

Buzzsumo – If you type in a word or phrases, this site will show you the most popular posts around the web that contain that word/phrases and how many times it’s been shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Topsy – This tool is not as complete as Buzzsumo but it also shows you how many people have been talking about the topic on different webs and Twitter.

Quick Sprout – Not only do you get a SEO analysis of your website (and you can even compare it with competitors) but if you type in your competitors’ URLs and click on the social media tab, you’ll see a breakdown of the most popular content they’ve written.

Quora – People ask questions about everything and you might just find the hottest questions that are related to your industry. this is a great place to look if you need some inspiration. People ask questions in every industry, and Quora will help you spot the hot ones.

BufferBesides being my favorite content publisher, the Buffer dashboard offers a free feature that suggests stories which you can filter by: buffer picks, marketing, inspiration, business & startups, lifehacking and design.

Spike – This free tool offers topics, places, time frames and open search as well as watch lists to track specific stories. You can also see how each story is doing on Twitter and Facebook. What’s cool about this tool is that you can also get email alerts and there’s a “pre-viral” category!

Portent – Once you know what you want to write about, if you don’t know what title you want to give it, just type in a keyword on Portent and it’ll generate catchy titles for you.


Once you have figured out what to blog about, the next step is for you to start writing!