We all know by now how useful (or not) smartwatches are. They can help get rid of our emotional attachment to our smart phones and now, thanks to Razer Nabu’s new ad, we know that they can also help us survive a zombie apocalypse! It’s the last thing I’d ever think of bringing with me if there were a zombie outburst but hey, after watching the ad, why not?

Razer, a company specialised in gaming products, has just released a smartwatch and a great zombie ad to promote it. I really like the ad because I think it’s been tailor-made for its target market. The ad shows how a fancy looking man in a suit has survived thanks to the smartwatch and it’s 5 rules:

“1 – Get notified: Zombies always show up when you least expect it. It can be the difference of life and the undead!

2 – Keep fit: It’s literally survival of the fittest out here. Because when you outrun your problems, you can start chasing your goals.

3 – Free your hands: Hear that? it’s the sound of extinction.

4 – Stay focused: Distractions are everywhere, you know this. Keep your head up or you’re gonna lose it.

5 – Band together: Knowing¬† who and where you’re friends are isn’t a luxury, it’s survival.

So if you find yourself surrounded by zombies or even just people that act like them, survive you’re world, live smarter.”

The man walks around the whole city explaining these rules and how the smartwatch is going to help you follow them (and survive) while he successfully kills the zombies near him. I think Razer probably chose to use the image of a sophisticated 30 year old man in a suit because their customers might be a lot like him! The ad is also filmed a bit like a zombie survival video game, which makes a lot of sense since they specialize on gaming accessories and products.

Although I think it’s kind of stupid to try to sell the smartwatch by saying it’s going to save you from a zombie apocalypse, I still think it’s been perfectly made for it’s target audience. It seems like they’ve analyzed their market, consumers and have used a lot of the insights to create this. I also think it’s a great way to move away from what the competition is doing to promote their smartwatches. Plus, the copywriter is great! He had me at “It can be the difference of life and the undead”.

Here’s the ad I’m talking about: