I haven’t been updating this blog lately because of work, my online magazine, life… but mostly because of work. I work in social media and content marketing and I spend my day writing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on 2 travel blogs. So when I get home, the last thing I feel like doing is writing. I do have to write on Silenzine once a week, program the social accounts but doing the same for another blog? Nuh-uh.

But since I actually do want to commit to this blog (regardless of what I said above), I thought that the best thing to do to have at least 1 post every 2 weeks (or once a month) is to write about things I’ve learned at work! I spend 40h a week at Odigeo and I learn something new almost everyday, so I’m sure I’ll have lots to share… and I hope you find it interesting!

Social media news

1- Twitter’s new timeline, #RipTwitter

Someone at Twitter leaked that Twitter will be changing it’s algorithm and will start showing you what the platform thinks you want to see, instead of the usual chronological order. People went crazy and started using the hashtag to announce the end of Twitter. ‘Cause if we have to see ads and tweets that the app feels like showing us all day, then what’s the point?

But don’t worry, Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) announced the next day that they never planned to reorder timelines:

2- UK Brands are testing Twitter’s Promoted Moments

Moments showcase the best images, videos and conversations on Twitter and Tesco, Sky and Xbox are testing it out to promote their content:

  • Tesco launched #FeelGoodCookBook: a collection of simple food ideas and recipes for their Twitter users.
  • Xbox will use it to promote Quantum Break: They’re going to release the game on April 5, 2016, so they’re going to use Twitter moments to deliver a narrative experience to make users feel like they’re inside the new game.
  • Sky hasn’t announced what they want to do with Twitter moments yet.


3- Burgers fight it out on Twitter

Wendy’s and Burger King have recently launched their new value meals and as a result, they both started “fighting” on Twitter… and everyone went crazy for it.

It all started with this:

And Wendy’s replied with:


4- Facebook’s Live-streaming tool is now available to ALL U.S. Iphone users

Live-streaming is a huge trend on social media right now. A lot of industry experts expect to see it dominate the sector in 2016! Although it seems like it has a lot of potential to be accepted, users may not be prepared yet to use it. While Periscope has grown steadily (they announced in August that they reached 10 million users), Facebook has a greater capacity to generate awareness with it’s more than 1.59 billion users.

They announced this last January 28 on their news room.


5- What do we know about Snapchat users?

Their users are very dedicated, 54% use it daily and 32% use it 2-5 times a week. But they don’t usually interact with the app’s branded features (Snap live stories, Snap discover stories or even branded filters). They mostly use it for self-expression and connecting with their closest friends. So it’s not too useful for brands right now. But they should keep an eye on it because it’s going through a transitional phase and their users are 9x more likely to watch an ad in full. Intereeeesting.

More information about them in News Cred’s infographic:


Content marketing news

6- Anywhere but Medium

Dave Winer from Scripting.com has a good point. Although Medium is on its way to becoming a well-respected platform for writers, the truth is you’re giving away your content to a single company. Medium stores your content and you hope they build flow for it but they’re a well-funded startup that could pivot and leave all the “poor stories” behind (I’m sure they could potentially erase them too). So you may start thinking of posting your content on Tumblr, WordPress, Pastebin or anywhere else.. but Medium.

Think about it.