The Paella Emoji is Happening, Thanks to a Spanish Brand

Arroz La Fallera, a Spanish brand from Valencia started a campaign last year to get a Paella emoji. They’ve convinced the Emojipedia to remove the peas, chorizo and shrimps that they initially planned to approved and have finally included traditional ingredients. ‘Cause guys, Paella isn’t just rice with random Spanish ingredients!

La Fallera started everything by tweeting Eugeni Alemany, a showman from Valencia,  “What can we do to make this campaign successful?” and he replied “You can send me to Silicon Valley to talk to Tim Cook”. He was obviously joking but La Fallera took it seriously and sent him on a mission: Operation #PaellaEmoji! Continue Reading

Social & Content Campaign: Opodo with CityJet


Around August 2015, CityJet, an Irish European airline, launched a new route: London City airport to Cork. To promote this new route, they decided to run a campaign on Opodo UK and give away 2 flights.

The main goal was to promote CityJet’s new route from London City Airport to Cork. Therefore, the main KPI’s for them were brand awareness and engagement. Opodo’s KPI’s were number of participants, engagement and impressions.  Continue Reading

Delicious-Looking Lego Art

Tary, a japanese artist and LEGO fanatic has sculpted lego blocks that will make you consider ruining your diet. Of course, you won’t be able to eat them but it’ll most definitely make you want to order/cook the dishes he’s sculpted.

Of course, Tary doesn’t just create food sculptures with Lego’s, he also creates pop-culture characters from Gundam, Star Wars and comic book characters (DEADPOOL!). But the food creations have made him win some Lego competitions!

I never thought Lego blocks would make me feel hungry.

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9 Adorable drawings about the relationship between Fathers and Daughters

We all know that there’s a special bond between fathers and daughters. This illustrator, Snezhana Soosh has fully captured in her paintings the essence of this bond. She’s illustrated it in the most exquisite way!

See what I mean:

Una foto publicada por soosh (@vskafandre) el

No matter how big our fathers are, they’ll always find a way to give you all the space you need. 

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15 Travel Books Written By Women

There are lots of books out there about traveling but for some reason most of them have been written by men. So here’s to the ladies! I’ve rounded up some of the best books about travel written by women. Of course, I’m sure there are a lot more books out there but I haven’t had the time to read them all so if you think I’m missing any, please leave a comment!

1. Wanderlust: A love affair with Five Continents by Elizabeth Eaves


“There were other things we noticed only at first, before we accepted them as a part of daily life. Then they got harder to describe, the way it’s hard to describe what it feels like to breathe air.”

What’s it about? Elizabeth started traveling when she was still in college and hasn’t stopped yet (its been 15 years!). She’s traveled around the world, has met a bunch of attractive guys and has rediscovered herself in each place.

How much? From $13.76

2. Wild by Cheryl Strayed


“I’m a free spirit who never had the balls to be free.”

What’s it about? a 26 year old woman decide to hike the Pacific Crest Trail by herself.

How much? From $15.95

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